Parrot Kolye Seti
Parrot Kolye Seti
Parrot Kolye Seti
Parrot Kolye Seti
Parrot Kolye Seti

Parrot Necklace Set

Price : $64.90
Vat included : $64.90

Forget about the jewelries you see everywhere and get ready to have all eyes on you. Unique Fabricca jewelries, all prepared with high craftsmanship and premium quality, can change your whole style with a single touch. Fabricca Jewelries are completed with 24-carat gold-plated materials so that you can enjoy your jewelries for a long time.

Necklace Set consist of 4 seperate single necklaces.

Material: Fabric

Color: Blue

Length of the Necklace: 44-46 cm+7 cm extension chain.



  • In order to protect your product, each product comes with a hand-sewn special case.
  • Product Cleaning: Avoid contact with chemicals such as parfume, body spray, deodorant etc. If your product is stained, we recommend that you gently wipe the stain with a damp cloth.
  • Handmade with premium quality fabrics in Fabricca Workroom in Istanbul/Turkey.






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