Hoisa Telefon Askısı
Hoisa Telefon Askısı

Hoisa Phone Hanger

Price : $39.90
Vat included : $39.90


Designs that makes life easier anytime and anywhere: Fabricca Phone hangers! With the useful and stylish Fabricca phone straps; on the road, in sports, in travel - you can safely carry your phone wherever you are. Thanks to the adjustable phone hangers, you can use thm in any size you want. We are also giving away a transparent attachment suitable for every phone case! Thus, you can use your phone strap without having to change your phone case.

Length: 130 cm.



  • In order to protect your product, each product comes with a hand-sewn special case.
  • Product Cleaning: Avoid contact with chemicals such as parfume, body spray, deodorant etc. If your product is stained, we recommend that you gently wipe the stain with a damp cloth.
  • Handmade with premium quality fabrics in Fabricca Workroom in Istanbul/Turkey.