Torque Headcap
Torque Headcap
Torque Headcap

Torque Headcap

Price : $54.90


Fabricca Headcaps, are the name of comfort and convenience. Whether you want to cover your hair completely or leave it open, get a bohemian elegance in seconds. The neck part is elastic so they are suitable for all head sizes. They can be used comfortably and without slipping on your head all day long.


  • Breathable and comfortable fabric.
  • Very popular with many of our customers as head scarves can add style to your outfits effortlessly or just cover up a bad hair day or you may be going through illness.
  • Headcaps are an elegant addition to everyday wear.
  • Perfect for the Beach, Pool, sleep, going out or staying in. You can wear it with Wigs, braids, dreads, faux locs, TWA, Chemo or Alopecia.
  • One size fits all.
  • Lightweight.




  • In order to protect your product, each product comes with a hand-sewn special case.
  • Product Cleaning: We recommend that you wash your product by hand. In order to throw it into the washing machine, we recommend that you first place your product in plastic boxes that can be thrown into the machine, and then wash it on a low temperature and delicate program.


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