“Even I don’t exactly know when Fabricca's story begins, because the first days are based on memories, not records. ”

In the mid- 90s, in a house in Istanbul, a little girl named Dilara is making jewelry from beads and selling them to other residents of the house. In other words, she earns the coins which she could just ask and get. When the girl gets a little older, the jewelries become diversified and the counter moves to a place with more traffic; the street. Her handmade designs are also opening to the “outside world” for the first time. Coins turn into banknotes, kisses turn into verbal appreciation. But then the little girl grows up. Jewelry production has to halt and return to the place where it came from, Dilara’s heart, as a hobby.

Dilara Karayazı is graduated from Industrial Engineering in 2012. Now, jewelry is just a hobby for her, but a year later, while she is doing her masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, she learns how a hobby can turn into a venture: Take risks, see ahead, manage time and budget, build quality communication. Handcrafted accessory design, which was only a hobby for 20 years, turns into a brand idea those days and the FABRICCA’s written history begins. Dilara Karayazı sets out to produce environmentally friendly, sustainable and original jewelries, that also have a motto.

She decides to use leftover fabrics as the base material. She also searches different styles of the world for her design idea. And one day, on the Internet, she stumbles upon a Samburu woman carrying her child wrapped in a piece of fabric with makeshift sewing. She learns that in the hardest places to live in the world, away from civilization, there live women of many colors, who are tall in the saddle even with all the weight on their shoulders. And FABRICCA, which takes its soul from African jewelry and its material from waste fabrics, is officially born.

Our story, which started in the hallway of the house in Istanbul, continues today physically in 6 countries, including the United States, England, Dubai, Colombia, Morocco and Paris, and in many provinces of Turkey. Today; in line with our mission, We make women “Stylish in seconds” around the World. We are proud to serve women with our 20 female employees from different provinces of Turkey, we bring to life both our dreams and a 1000 pieces of sustainable special design products every month.