Cotton Headwrap (Plain Colors)
Cotton Headwrap (Plain Colors)

Cotton Headwrap (Plain Colors)

Price : $39.90

Fabricca Headwraps are hand-sewn with colorful fabrics.They can be used on both sides. They are light and soft designs which do not tire the head and sweat all day long. Headwraps contain stainless and unbreakable wire specially produced by Fabricca.This soft wire can be shaped as desired. Suitable for all head sizes.


  • Breathable and comfortable fabric.
  • Very popular with many of our customers as head scarves can add style to your outfits effortlessly or just cover up a bad hair day or you may be going through illness.
  • Headbones are an elegant addition to everyday wear.
  • Perfect for the Beach, Pool, sleep, going out or staying in. You can wear it with Wigs, braids, dreads, faux locs, TWA, Chemo or Alopecia.
  • One size fits all.
  • Lightweight.
  • Last-long use. 


  • In order to protect your product, each product comes with a hand-sewn special case.
  • Product Cleaning: Avoid contact with chemicals such as parfume, body spray, deodorant etc. If your product is stained, we recommend that you gently wipe the stain with a damp cloth.
  • Handmade with premium quality fabrics in Fabricca Workroom in Istanbul/Turkey.